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How is this book impacting readers?

"I loved the book. I loved hearing about how the world started. anchor points, intention, what happens when people pass away. I have read Edgar Cayce's work. I have always been looking for answers. This book gives the best answers so far."

 "I will never forget the amazing realization when I came to accept that what is going on here is real when, after the first time I called in to the conference line a few years ago, suddenly synchronicities started occurring like never before, all the time.  There is no way to explain these experiences to another in any sort of way that could ever convey the gravity of it.  I have since stopped trying to explain as I have come to understand that these experiences are really only meant for the experiencer and so trying to tell somebody else (who has not had such an experience) will mean nothing to them.  I am forever grateful that your work has provided the circumstances which led to my expansion enough to have the experience and I will always be a part of this group and a contributor to the group energy!"

"It was like all the pieces of a puzzle I found were put together in this book. – “It put the different concepts and ideas I came across in the past year together. It was like all the peices of a puzzle I found were put together in this book. It scared me yet comforted me.” 

"I can now use a lot from your fantastic book to confirm/cross reference other sources. I salute you for your important and courageous effort to bring this info to the beings of earth at this time of importance!! Much love and blessings. Namaste" - Martin Norway

"I'm totally connecting with it. It is connecting all religious knowledge that I know. Very unifying." 
The Creator Gods of the Physical Universe Want to Talk to You!
by Wynn Free
Did you ever wonder.....?

How the Universe works,

Can one "prove" that there is positive intelligence in invisible dimensions that can help us on both individual and collective levels?

Is reincarnation real?

How did the Universe start?

Where do you go when you die?

Do miracles really happen? How?

Be skeptical but get this book. (REMEMBER, IT'S FREE)  It addresses questions that, in many cases have never been answered in this realm. You owe it to yourself to read it and draw your own conclusions. People take this work very seriously as you can tell by the comments posted below. Wynn has become a very popular guest on the late night paranormal radio show - Coast to Coast with George Noory, talking to millions of listeners

A Free Book from Best Selling Author, Wynn Free!
Everything starts somewhere. The video on the right tells the story of what happened to best selling author. Wynn Free in 2002 - 2003, during the period he was authoring (with David Wilcock) "The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?", where in the middle of the write, his new personal relationship spontaneously had an intelligence coming through her, that wanted to communicate with Wynn. "They" made the outrageous claim that they were "the creators of the universe."

Wynn comes from a background as a physics major at UC Berkeley. He tends to be scientific, logical and skeptical. And now he finds himself in the middle of what felt like a sci-fi movie with miracles, future predictions that manifested, and a Source that patiently answers his every question about how the universe really works. 
“This presentation by Wynn Free just feels so right. It's either a divine revelation or a preposterous, though entertaining, product of a wild and daring imagination.”

PLEASE TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY TO READ MY BOOK AND DECIDE FOR YOURSELF. FILL OUT YOUR NAME AND EMAIL AND YOU'LL GET THE PDF DOWNLOAD IN YOUR INBOX. Your email will always be kept confidential and you'll get invitations to some of our live internet broadcasts and conference calls where you can listen in on live sessions and even ask questions.
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At one point, I was trying to gain a better understanding of the Elohim and how they functioned and how things in this realm appeared to them. You can read their answer on the video on the right. 

Some people say they can feel energy when they watch this video. If you feel energy, consider the possibility that it might be "them" and you might be making a connection
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One More Thing.....

For the first few years of having this experience, I kept thinking I must be 
missing something. There must be another explanation. I can't really be talking to who they say they are. What if they're the devil and I'm being mislead. And if it really is real, how can I possibly handle the responsibility. 

It was the pictures that pushed me over the edge. I learned that people look like their past life. When they die, their soul retains the DNA imprint, so when the soul enters a new body, it imprints the new body with the old DNA and one will tend to look like their past life. My first awareness of this came as I was writing The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. David Wilcock was the spitting image of a young Edgar Cayce:

Sometime in 2003, I casually asked the question in a session, "Was Terry ever anybody famous?" They don't answer questions on demand unless they deem it relevant. I didn't expect an answer, but to my surprise they said, "Look up St. Catherine of Sienna." I Googled St. Catherine and found the story of a young Catholic woman in Sienna, Italy, circa 1300 AD  who would go into the local church, where the priests would write down everything she said because they thought God was giving them messages through her. St. Catherine's Dialogues with God became officially recognized by the Church and is still available on Amazon. 

AND TO MY COMPLETE AMAZEMENT, TERRY WAS THE SPITTING IMAGE OF ST. CATHERINE. THE ODDS OF THIS BEING SO WERE BEYOND IMPOSSIBLE! I had to believe that these same Sources that I was in communication with were also talking to St. Catherine. I was convinced!!

OK, that's it. At this point, I am convinced that what we are doing is real and totally breakthrough. READ THE FREE BOOK and you decide.

If you have already connected with our work, I highly recommend that you get on our conference call notification list (www.spiritchannel.intelligent-infinity.com). We hold 3 conference calls/internet broadcasts a week and they are absolutely amazing. Many participants can feel energy while on the call and start the process of releasing old patterns. It happens automatically just by your participation and it's something you have to experience to understand. 

“On my First conference call Sun, I felt energy moving and my heart chakra open wide!” 

“My experience on the call on was amazing. I could feel the energy surge through me. It was almost like when u look at a flame and the heat distorts the air around it."

"I am a truth seeker and have always had an open mind. I was live on Sunday's call and I felt the light energy go thru parts of my body when you talked about picturing the light coming up from earth and into the heavens..etc I am so HAPPY I found you and THANKS for your work." 

"At present, their presence/ connectedness is evolving, I do not know how else to describe it as other than a prominent feeling in my third eye area that kind of detaches my ego when I look at things, and it just feels darn good. It's not always there, but it is becoming more so." 
The Creator Gods of the Physical Universe Want to Talk to You
by Wynn Free
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